4-way Tele

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This is the easiest way to get that awesome 4-way Telecaster mod dropped directly into your guitar.  No soldering required, No push-pull pots required. This plug-and-play solder-free wiring harness comes with a 4-way switch to provide the "in series" middle position along with the standard "in parallel" middle position.  The series position will make your telecaster style guitar scream!  It adds output and mid-range frequencies to fatten-up your tone.  And when you are ready for the twang, honk, and chirp that you are used to, the standard wiring is still there...  Just flip the toggle back to one of the other three positions!  The kit comes with 250 kOhm CTS potentiometers, Switchcraft selector switch and output jack, and an Orange Drop capacitor. All wiring is done by hand using vintage cloth-braided pushback multi-strand wire.